Monica Hesseldahl


Monica G MacKenzie


It is a basic need for me like breathing to express the beauty, happiness and the pain of my Hispanic heritage by creating art.

Pre-Hispanic cultures were rich in signs and mysticism, but the Spanish conquest; stop the growth of an amazing civilization. However, they have enriched and integrated the culture of their own, creating an incredibly rich mixture culture and daily life.

I feel the beauty of the roots we have as Latinos, which keeps us in the dark and many intriguing ways of still being an Indigenous Mexican. It is still in my genes and in our daily life and culture.

To look deep inside in my genes where there is the need of genuinely fulfilling the soul by the search and recreation of some of the Pre-Columbian aesthetics and a deep contact with the natural mystic world yet to be discovered.

To look into deep rich present Mexican cultural expressions, the sayings at the market, the colors, and the flavors, the deep Catholicism that now is part of the heart of our culture, but still it has a Indigenous pride that makes it more interesting.

I also have the need to create forms and aesthetics right from the Pre-Columbian ones because it used to be forbidden for women to do so, when the Aztec culture was thriving.

However, the foundation of my work is the feeling, flavors and sayings of my beloved Mexico

My work is conceptual and goes beyond the Hyper realism, but to the core of the culture and emerges from the subconscious of the people respecting some of the naive imagery and culture of the Mexicans with the power of the land filled with color and textures.

Also I find intriguing the concept of the underworld and  the creation of men as a creature and I wonder what kind of people it would be right now if the Gods would not make the man as we know but as the Aztec Gods would have make them.

Much of my work is based on the Aztec mythology.

The closer approach to essence of the daily life of the modern Mexicans, but with a poetical tone: from the ex-votos and other inspirational sources.




Summary of Qualifications

Professional Graphic Designer and Advertiser
Visual Artist and Illustrator
Artist  and Business Management


Colegio Williams Mexico City,  High school with emphasis in Art and Business 1982
Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana UAM, Azcapotzalco Graphic Design 1983-1985
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM, Campus Xochimilco Graphic Design 1988

Completed courses in Architectural Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Art History, Design and Composition

Relevant Experience:

Full Time Artist 2004-2011

Co-Owner, Co-Manager and Full time Artist
Dharma , Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, May 2007- January 2009

Produce and sold 400 paintings
Promote and exhibit works of self and emerging artist
Managed, production and retail

Exhibition and art sell at Jardin Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico June 2004- January  2009

Freelance Graphic Designer
January 2001 - August 2011
Production of websites, Logos, Marketing material, Magazines and Newsletters and Illustration

Co-Manager Lineas Trazos e Impresos
Senior Art Director, December 1999- September 2001

Art Director Junior in JWT Mexico from 1988-1997
Advertising and production of  marketing materials branding for Latin America from International clients as Unilever, Nestle, Kellog’s, Ford, Kodak, Cervezeria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, Tequila Cuervo, De Beers
Art Director Assistant and Illustrator
Gamateos Publicidad, Mexico City  1987-1988
Package Design for Mattel Mexican division Ensueno toys, Illustration.

Art Director Assistant 1985 – 1986
La Agencia Imagen y Contenido

Illustrator Assistant 1984
Diseno Cajas e Impresos

Artisan 1982-1984
Stella Nova
Lamp Designer and manufacturing

Additional Experience:

Art teaching for middle school children and Autistic adults in Mexico City, AFAPE

Volunteer Experience:
AFAPE, BAC Banco de Alimentos, UCC First Congregational United Church of Christ, Goose Hollow Family Shelter, Potluck in the Park.

Co-Curricular Activities: The Pilgrim Newsletter, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Summer-Fall 2010, webmaster for First Congregational United Church of Christ,  July 2010-February 2011


  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop CS4, Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe in Design CS5. PC and Mac
  • Proficient in written and spoken English and Spanish
  • Business management
    Artisan and Artist



Illustration for Book “Fundacion Mexico Unido” Critt Guztavo Baz, Book Antares, Teleton

Jardin del Arte Borda 2005- 2009
Art and Coffee  shop Cuernavaca Morelos 2007
Furniture Store in Diana and Rio Mayo 2007-2008
Dharma Store 2007-2009
ArtReach Gallery June 2011

Mini Bio

Born in Mexico City in 1963

Studies Graphic Design in 1985

Works for Advertising international agencies until 2000

Opens a small advertising agency in Mexico City

Moves to Cuernavaca Morelos in 2002

Begin her career as Artist in 2004

Exhibits in Jardin Borda in Morelos Mexico

Opens a small Gallery and exhibits in 2007

Artist full time to present